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Tahitian Pearls Buying Guide

Tahitian Pearls Tahitian pearls, symbols of luxury and perfection, are long sought for their exceptional beauty and value. Tahitian pearls are valued as queen of pearls and creation of the sea. Tahitian pearls are named after the tropical island of Tahiti. Tahiti’s black lipped oysters yield a unique array of iridescent black, gray and greenish […]

Pearl Jewellery – Buy Wisely!

Pearls add an aura of sophistication and beauty to any outfit, whether it is a bride’s wedding dress, a woman’s formal evening dress, a formal blouse, or even a girl’s communion dress. Their round shape and white or cream colour compliment virtually any wardrobe. But how does one compare the pearl jewellery being offered by […]

The Charming Black Pearls

Black pearls belong to the black group. Legends tracked black pearls of the South Pacific regions and to the wide stretch of Cook Islands, Tahiti, Tuamotu Archipelago and in French Polynesia, specifically the Gambier Islands. Cook Islands are the area producing almost 38% of the world’s supply of pearls at present. The most common black […]

Celebrities Like Their Pearls

Celebrities Like Their Pearls Pearls never go out of style – they are always a classy and traditional wardrobe accessory that will never disappoint you. But this year they are a “front and center” fashion statement! Just ask celebrities like Sandra Bullok, Jennifer Anistan, or Courtney Cox. So with more people in the market for […]