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So you’re a little bit on the edge with your wedding ideas. You’re ready to propose to your chosen lady and you’re on the prowl for engagement ring styles. You haven’t been exactly keen on the designs in the market and you want to go a little bit more alternative. Why not try to deviate from the norm and opt for Gothic engagement rings? This adds a bit more drama and flavor to your proposal.

Gothic style is a returning symbol of a classic era that has transpired. The Goths is a heterogeneous tribe from East Germany that has played a major role in the fall of the West Roman Empire. The Goth subculture is a contemporary subculture present in countries. In terms of style and fashion, accessories range from classic to down-right disturbing. Quite different if you want her ring to truly standout from the usual rings in the scene. Be sure to know though if your ladylove’s personality, lifestyle, and taste truly match this era’s uniqueness.

Here are some note-worthy Gothic ring styles that you may want for your unique lady:

Life and Death Band

This ring is a symbol of the combination of two contrasting forces of life and death. On the band, the inscriptions of life and death are designed in opposite and may be read in reverse.

Agla Ring

Agla is the inner Kabbalistic sigil meaning “Thou art mighty forever, O’Lord.” This is a Gothic engagement ring of English Pewter that symbolizes the magical talismans love, protection, memory, profit, peace, and safety.

Dues Et Natura Ring

This ring is a symbol of the harmony of nature and God.

Betrothal Ring

This ring is symbolizes love and passion with its Gothic scrollwork frame and deep red enamel heart of passion made of English Pewter.

Holyblood Runeband

This Gothic engagement ring has Latin inscriptions of “Sanguis” on both sides which means blood and runic bright as ancestry of enlightenment. A bright red faceted crystal may be found at the centre of this engagement ring.

Hemlock Poison Ring

You can join your lady love in wearing of a ring in this lifetime with this Gothic engagement ring. With a hinged lid, tiny scrolls and poison may be kept here. This Gothic ring is created out of black crystal stone.

Trefoil Sanguis Ring

This Gothic engagement ring created out of English Pewter has blood red enamel work polished of different gothic trefoils that resemble a crown.

Selecting a ring may be enjoyable depending on how you want to recount the memory with her and her loved ones. It all boils down to the love and commitment you are willing to share in this lifetime together.

Updated: September 16, 2019 — 9:31 pm

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